i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: whoever invents eu d’jeffry pine perfume will be a rich motherfucker. there is nothing on this earth that smells better than the high sierras. (chocolate cake fresh out the oven?) (the satisfying scent of cheeto satan burning himself and his entire administration to the ground?)

this was my first time in over a year getting that jeffry pine fix, and it was incredible. three mosquitoes in the entire campsite instead of a paparazzi-like swarm that travels with you everywhere you go? sunny, cloudless skies without a hint of humidity? giant granite boulders, ice cold lakes, star-filled skies? this is home.

north carolina is beautiful, bright green trees and the scent of magnolia, but there is nothing like that feeling of shock when you first jump into 50 degree water, nothing like the feel of warm granite when you jump back out, nothing like getting sap on your nose when you lean in for the vanilla/pineapple bliss of your first jeffry pine.


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