new york city

hi beloved readers!

sorry it’s been so long. this summer has been pretty busy, and let’s be real, when it’s 110 outside, you really can’t expect much.

to start catching up, here are some photos and thoughts from our recent(ish) trip to new york city!

we went up for one of mike’s best friend’s weddings, which he officiated, and got to spend time in both manhattan and the outer boroughs.

things i realized while visiting new york city:

  1. i forgot what pot smells like.
  2. a new yorker could probably walk a mile in the time it takes a carolinian to cross the street. these fuckers are FAST.
  3. but it takes an hour and a half to go 14 miles on the subway.
  4. i don’t think people here go outside? everyone was pale and slightly sick looking, like they spend 12 hours a day inside at work, which they probably do.
  5. there were more restaurants on one square block of manhattan than maybe all of raleigh. we had the best bagels of all time, the best pizza of all time, found a store that sold ten different types of nutella, and bought a giant block of parmesan to bring home with us.
  6. there’s a beach in new york city! not like just outside the city or on long island or whatever, but that photo above? queens. this is where the wedding was and where we went swimming afterwards. QUEENS.
  7. there’s only one train each day that goes from NYC to NC. and when you miss it, you end up riding a train to richmond, VA, taking an uber to the richmond airport, renting a car, getting two giant tubs of your favorite pimiento, and driving the last 2.5 hours home. it won’t be fast, or easy, or cheap, but it will be fun and exactly the kind of adventure you imagined having when you moved across the country.
  8. new york city is amazing and beautiful and so, so fun to visit, but holy lord i could never live there.

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