edenton, nc


last weekend we went on a day trip to the small town of edenton, on the albermarle sound. here are the highlights:

  • ate my first-ever crab cakes benedict and it was life changing.
  • saw houses built in the 1700s before the revolutionary war, including the cupola house in the top left that showed what a doctor’s office looked like back then (spoiler: lots of leeches and a handsaw).
  • took a beautiful boat tour around the sound and:
    • saw an osprey’s nest up close with a baby osprey in it!
    • learned that black beard the pirate used to hang out there.
    • mike decided he wants to run boat tours when he retires.
  • learned about the edenton tea party, where no one actually dumped tea in the water, but 50 women wrote a letter to king george telling him they were sick of his shit.
  • had our first real day of summer – 95 and a whole new level of humid – and walking five blocks felt like a marathon. luckily, there was ice cream.
  • heard all kinds of southern drawl, but not the elusive outer banks english, which is a combination of british, scottish, irish, and southern that exists nowhere else.

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