a week in austin

i spent last week in austin with some of my favorite coworkers, ostensibly at a work retreat, but mostly gossiping and drinking wine*. i’ve always known how lucky i am to work with this amazing group of young women, women that i would consider friends before coworkers, but after being gone for four months, i was practically delirious. you mean i get to spend four days at a beautiful outdoor resort with ten women i love and just talk about our lives and eat good food?? for free?? stop trying to show me power points, this is important. what will happen to my health insurance if we all just “accidentally miss our flights” and have to live here now? tell mike i loved him, and to water my tomato plants.

and though, of course, i was very happy to come home to mike and my tomato plants and a state that hasn’t outlawed recycling (#atleastwe’renottexas), i have to admit my home feels a little empty without ten raucous women laughing. in their honor, a list:

things that happened at my work retreat that probably haven’t happened at yours:

  1. armadillo sightings
  2. drunken pictionary
  3. crying in front of coworkers and not feeling hella awkward about it later
  4. fighting back spiders catapulting off of low-hanging branches
  5. slurping barbecue sauce in front of coworkers and not feeling hella awkward about it later
  6. arugula-scented candles
  7. x-rated pictionary
  8. swimming with water snakes
  9. long discussions both about how institutional racism influences every aspect of organizational culture, and also whether you should text that cute guy first or not
  10. attending a work conference without immediately wanting to stab your eyes out


*okay, you caught me: stone cold sober, but still the loudest and most annoying.

[alternate title: south by southbest coworkers ever]

P.S. with the absolutely SOARING popularity of this blog (hi mom!), and because i know you just can’t wait another minute to get your fix of what has famously been called “mcsweeney’s if it was about barbecue and less funny” (thanks mom!), subscribe now! all you have to do is click the little box in the bottom right-hand corner that says Follow and then put in your email address (no account needed) and you’ll get an email every time i add a new post. (disclaimer: emmakfloyd@wordpress reserves the right now and into perpetuity to spam you with photos of my garden, melty ice cream, and bad mosquito bites with the caption ” does this look infected?”)



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