spring happiness

we officially made it through the long, brutal winter in north carolina.

which is to say, it supposedly snowed once while we were out of town and i had to wear a jacket like three times. we’re now in what has to be the most beautiful, magical spring i’ve ever seen, with everything green and pink and covered in a not-so-fine film of pollen (yikes). before The Season Who Must Not Be Named (aka summer) arrives, along with what i’m certain will be a newfound hatred for my adopted home, we’re trying to appreciate every minute of this precious time.


here are some things that are making me really happy right now:

  1. all three of those photos were taken at our house*
  2. there’s a nest with little chirping baby birds on top of the porch light
  3. i’m making grilled chicken tacos with fresh pico de gallo for dinner tonight
  4.  working from home involves a lot more sunshine and bird songs than it used to
  5. the weather stays around 68-72 degrees, aka the Designated Perfect Temperature as Determined by Amy and Emma



*just to be clear, i’m not the kind of person who drinks from jars as a regular practice. that’s what cups were made for.  jars were made for pickling and preserving, which, coincidentally, is exactly what we in our newfound southern-ness were actually doing with these jars, before we realized, shit, we’re out of cups.
**the above disclaimer only feels necessary because this lady at my dad’s work accidentally sliced her arm open when she fell down some stairs carrying her hipster jar of coffee, which is also why i strongly urge you to consider buying only 50 packs of bottled water from your local costco. SAVE YOUR ARM, FUCK THE EARTH.


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