ice cream vignettes for a rainy morning

  1. from scratch coffee cookie dream sundae eaten outside on a sunny day, basking in our suburban achievement of backyard AND stand mixer attachments. our cup overfloweth, as does the not quite quart-sized tupperware. thirty seconds later we bask in the suburban achievement of licking melted ice cream off the counter. (and when i say “we”…)

img_10632. the solomon grundy sundae, aka dirt and worms, aka “this is what one orders after two shots of mezcal.” the eating experience would have been highly superior without the judgmental little kid sitting across from us with her sophisticated-ass vanilla cone. also, probably without the two shots of mezcal.

3.  brownie caramel sundae, enjoyed on the patio of our favorite local spot, in 43 degree weather. thank goodness for the warmth of the fire and our waiter doug, the closest thing we have to a friend here, at least until he accidentally overheard us talking about how much we like him, and things are just awkward between doug and us right now.



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