driving highway 40

Despite much whining in previous posts, driving across the country was a pretty incredible experience. From the highlights (grand canyon in winter) to the lowlights (a billboard in arkansas quoting a line in the bible saying holy people beat their children) (for real), it was a window into the beautiful, horrible soul of this country.

bullet points from highway 40

  • last time we saw sunshine: los banos, california
  • types of precipitation experienced: rain, heavy rain, really fuckin heavy rain, snow, ice, wintry mix (you again), thunderstorm, drippy fog (???), rain that seems like god has been collecting all his/her tears since the election and just dumped them on us (and let me tell you, he/she was NOT happy), drizzle, sleet, hail, and graupel (okay not really, just wanted to say the word graupel)
  • biggest shithole: arkansas  (but you already knew that)
  • most embarrassing moment: crossing the san leandro border on 580, sobbing along with michelle branch, crying, “i’m never going to know what happens to that empty lot on macarthur now.” yikes
  • “i could live here” moment: nashville
  • “i’d rather die than live here” moment: ARKANSAS. ALWAYS ARKANSAS
  • best food: green chile enchiladas in albuquerque, old school steak in oklahoma city, pulled pork and mac and cheese in nashville
  • hours listened to of bill bryson on audiobook before i decided i actually DON’T need to know a brief history of nearly everything: 18
  • worst gas station moment: crowd of people cheering while watching a trump press conference. luckily i was already on my way to the bathroom (#barf)
  • best non-gas station moment: staring out at the grand canyon in snow flurries, eating a veggie panini, laughing at the total absurdity of being at the grand canyon in snow flurries, eating a veggie panini



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